Finish What You Started

I always find it easier to start something than to finish it. I know I’m not alone in that. The problem is that the starting of a project is so optimistic, you can see everything the way it should be in your head. The finishing of a project is often a long, drawn-out affair, fraught with compromise.

In the case of my current project, this is my third stab at it. I keep growing as a quilter, and seeing the ways I can do things better, which is great. But it means that about once a year, I decide to redo this particular vision, because THIS time I’ll get it right.

Have I? I’m not sure. But I’m down to the quilting part of it, so that’s good. At least it should be finished soon, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. And if I didn’t capture the moment quite right, well.. there’s always next year!

For this iteration I decided to incorporate my own handwriting. Here are some useful links sent to me by an experienced quilter friend, if you’re interested in writing on quilts, yourself: