Queer T-Shirt Quilt

I’m loving Arnold Zwicky’s “Queer Quilt.” This quilt was made for him out of his old t-shirts, including a vintage Keith Haring print, and some classics from the early internet era. (Remember USENET? Oh, I sure do!) Each block is framed with sashing in rainbow colors, and the outer border is a pattern of rainbow swirls.

Since Zwicky only provided eleven t-shirts, the quilter improvised with a block of cowboy print. You know the print I mean!

Although apparently the Alexander Henry “Pin-Up” collection fabric line was new to the quilter, it’s been an LGBT favorite for years. Honestly, that fabric collection is probably worth a post in and of itself.

At any rate, hats off to the unnamed quilter who made Zwicky’s awesome gay quilt! It captures a beautiful slice of Bay Area queer history.